Old and Randomly Fortunate

June 10, 2012

So the image below was a 22×30″ ink drawing featured on a design blog in San Francisco after the designer stayed with my friend Kim from CalArts attempt #1 in 2003.  People wanted to buy it, so I had to remake the original drawing, which is harder than it looks, and what I’m angry about now is how I made maybe 20 of these kinds of lists and a bunch got stolen (long story) and I gave the rest away.  It’s good that I gave this one away because now people are buying 11×14″ prints of the image and I really need money to store away for complex family reasons but what I want is for more money to drop out of the sky for me, enough so that my security blanket is sufficiently secure, but you can’t force things like that to happen so I’m left just hoping my luck stays good.  (The letters are a little wonky because they’re hand-drawn but making the image small makes them look more wonky than they are.)


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