More Trouble in Paradise

June 16, 2012

I found an old negative strip I hadn’t written on, so I wrote on it and scanned the results but I only really like one of the three results, though this will probably send me digging for more.  (What happened in 2008: I mistakenly threw out 90% of my “good” negatives and with them a lot of potential surfaces for this work but I still have a few, and can go shoot some new pretend-its-LA photos with some medium format film I have and my sad Holga).  The one that turned out is below, and was not as impossibly dust-specked as I had feared, so cleaning it off took less than an hour.  The writing itself is splotchy because what you’re really writing with when you write with an ink pen like a Sharpie is a wet, spongy piece of felt, which has implications for a water-resistant surface just like ink seeps into the “cloth” of paper, and in this case the marker was a little dry.  The photo itself is from I’m not sure where or when, probably summer or early fall 2008 in the MKE neighborhood I live.


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