Nominal Human Effort Doesn’t Work Right

June 18, 2012

So I had the thought: maybe if in those simple text pieces the text is handwritten then I can get away with leaving them digital because there’s actual mark making that has been recorded.  So I did a bunch of that, and the problem with it is like it looks like I’m using MS Paint.  MS Paint is an awesome piece of spectacularly low-end imaging software bundled with Windows, and its crudeness can be used effectively (see Kate Beaton’s work for evidence) but for the genuine human emoting going on in spartan form in these things it doesn’t work.  You can see what I mean in the example below.  So that leaves me with again the question of is a simple text and graphic design choice art?  From what I’ve seen of pictures FB “friends” have taken at Art Basel, the answer is yes, a yes so emphatic I shouldn’t even be concerned with it.  I still have lingering doubts though because where I am and where Art Basel artists are in terms of convincing people are two very different places.


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