I might sing forever with never a goal nor a solution

June 20, 2012

So the last five days have been absolutely fucked, I mean spectacularly, and I’ve been in Bernadette Mayer’s words “abdicating responsibility” and just making odds and ends text pieces partly because I didn’t have much to do during an unexplained blackout plus I’ve been paging through a Glenn Ligon book and his heroizing narrative pisses me off but the work is amazingly great plus I discovered that I need to redo every single one of those Advice Sign pieces because I fucked up the blur of the gradient fill so a print looks like shit.  And there’s a lot more but it’s too complexly frustrating to get into.  So, anyway, here’s some random text work.

One note of actual interest about this stuff is that a lot of it comes from always having an eye open reading everything from a book of sonnets to Facebook or listening to music so that I have a lot of material to work with.  Mostly when you add these snatches of phrasing together in sum they don’t add up to any kind of statement other than that times are dark and language is untrustworthy, and maybe I should get a more focused platform together but I’m too interested in the specifics of each small maneuver of language to care much.  The “I might sing” line is a line from a book of sonnets by the aforementioned Mayer, probably the best writer of sonnets since Shakespeare and Donne, and the “I like it rough” was a joke status update on Facebook by my friend Lee.  Both seemed apposite to getting rendered as large text pieces, plus the word “okay” which when you look at it mostly loses meaning and becomes a directive word, meaning it’s either defined in the negative or else it’s a kind of verbal throat-clearing or confirmation of understanding, a reach that makes it weird.

So there’s that.  Plus there’s a tight shot of the Mayer piece so you can see the Sharpie action.


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