June 21, 2012

So I have this deal with my agent wherein my agent has a plan but he never shares that plan with me and just assumes I know it but I never know the plan and apparently the plan is that I need to deliver my epic experimental novel to him except I’m at the revision stage where I’m going sentence by sentence changing things word by word, etc., slow hard work, and it’s 95 degrees and I don’t feel like doing it because I thought the plan was that he was trying to sell my fucking short story manuscript.  So I worked on the beast but only for a while.

Instead I made what’s below out of spare parts from my stenciling the other day.  The tip and crop are pretty aggressive and after staring at it for the time it made me to take it I started to see all text as slanted downward, which was a strange experience.  With the letters I had it was the most charged word I could come up with.  Actual size 20×30″.


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