More, again

June 30, 2012

I got told by the fiction editor by a prominent magazine (and when you’re thinking prominent think way up there, think circulation in the hundreds of thousands) that she found me intriguing and liked my writing and wanted to read more but that she didn’t want to publish my story. That’s sort of where I’m at with both my art and writing: people really like it, and they want more, they’re just 99% of the time not willing to take a risk.

That plus other circus action (and I won’t even get into my mom’s chemo nurses refusing without her input and for no reason to give her her nausea medication) means mostly I’m trying to take a weekend off from art and writing to bake cookies and go to the mall and read some art books and Tan Lin’s Seven Controlled Vocabularies, which I got from the library and which is jaw-droppingly amazing and also pretty expensive, unfortunately.  It’s a cross between media studies, poetry, cultural studies, and photography that’s really a stunner.  I had reviewed another of his books for HTMLGiant and didn’t know what to make of that one but this thing is great.  (Not to be confused with Tao Lin, whose work is conservative and limp and dull.)

Anyway.  Art dump stencil action.  These images are all cost-prohibitively big.  Not wealthy-artist huge (and I have a future post about that coming up) but normal big, like 30×40″ or slightly bigger/smaller.  Out of all of the stencil pieces, I Still Want to Know is my favorite.


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