Soon I’m going to have to start sorting all this out.

July 4, 2012

So, so far there are a few series going: 1) sharpie on transparency; 2) stenciled text scanned and rendered as photographic print; 3) sharpie squiggles enlarged to look like ab-ex paintings; 3) flatbed scans of fake flowers as part of an installation about the economics of art production and reception that also includes typewritten text and mirrors; 4) redoing the unsolicited advice signs images so that the prints don’t flare out; 5) keeping up on the ghost signs images of faint layered text, 6) some new work I haven’t posted here yet, text/image work I haven’t quite figured out but that also has to do with wealth now that I’m hoarding money, and 7) photos of small colorful foam letters spelling out typically mordant text.  I’m going to have to spend some of the hoard on another external hard drive though because I keep making these things massive out of some impulse I can’t explain.   The images below are all 30×45 for example, which doesn’t sound that big, but in total they take up a lot of GB.

I’m doing all of this less because I have a show coming up (I don’t, probably) and more so I can avoid working on my novel and trying to figure out whether to scrap it because it may suck.  I’ve produced at least 150 images in the last three months.  And I can’t afford to print any of them.  So, there we have it.  Just imagine if I were a painter, though; I’d need to rent a storage unit or something.

Below, one each from three of the series; the motherfucker quote is a twist on a Lindsay Lohan joke on the defunct site Defamer from maybe six years ago and was previously rendered on a 12 ft. piece of scrap cardboard that was non-archival and hard to haul around and got tossed.


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