Wealth & Beauty (pt. 1)

July 5, 2012

So there are twelve of the images below, and when I started making them it was regular Grider assembly line art production (it dawned on me the other day that even if I had a raging art career I would still have already probably made too much art to ever show in my lifetime, and I’m not slowing down anytime soon) but: I started to think about the costs involved in actually mounting a show of these twelve images printed and framed at full size (30×40″) and given the $12 plus tax I spent on the flowers and the approx. $12k I’d need to spend to make these an art show this became a mostly text installation piece about the hidden economics of art showing, i.e. with certain exceptions you need to be as privileged and wealthy as the people buying your art just to be able to make and show the art.  It wasn’t an accident that most of my classmates at CalArts came from money but this isn’t a critique of them, it’s a critique of one side of the art market you never think about when you visit a gallery or museum unless you’re me.  Images below and more explanation soon.


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