Are we ok?

July 18, 2012

It’s chemo week (not for me, long story) so I have less time than usual to fret about the kinds of stuff that ends up here besides probably doing a literary faceplant with a story with some grand implausibilities (you don’t just suddenly develop a bondage fetish in your mid-thirties in a flash and find a great match on your first attempt) but I have been making 4×6″ versions of all the recent text work so I can print them, see what they look like on paper, and lay them all out and inspect.  That’ll happen later this week.

And of course I’m making more of this stuff today but even so.  So here’s a very recent example, and in my developing thinking about this stuff I’m thinking that the handwritten stuff shorthands thought and the stenciled stuff shorthands shared language so I’m bending both sets of text to those purposes.  And nothing’s a better shorthand for a weird kind of shared public/private sentiment than pop song lyrics, so what’s below is from the new Blur single and further down from one of my all-time favorites, Low’s “I Don’t Understand” off Secret Name.



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