Fumbling along

July 22, 2012

So I’ve been making a lot more text pieces, both stencil and written, as well as a ton of the Sharpie-curlicue pieces because I’ve always secretly wanted to be an ab-ex painter, but I haven’t been making portable-sized files of much work to share here.  A few are below.

I have been thinking a lot about what exactly do I think I’m doing, and sorting it out as follows has helped me choose/find better text for both writing and stencil series.  It goes like this: the writing is a model of private thought and the stencils are a model of public speech, but I’m specifically thinking of the context of conversation, both withheld language (the writing pieces) as well as the confidence in/of shared language in conversation.

These conversations don’t make much sense, but they’ve led me toward source material and curation that is giving both bodies of work more shape.  The writing pieces are more fragmentary and psychologically loaded and the stencil pieces more modeled on actual sentence use in full form or truncated, as below.  Source-wise, I go where I always do, which is a variety of past and present pop/rock/etc. music.  Most of the sources are relatively esoteric unless you listen to medium-sized indie rock acts as fervently as I do but there’ll be other text sources in there too, eventually.  The stencils take a long time, especially pencil, because there’s a ton of pencil and other dust to clean off the prints and because stenciling itself is much slower and takes up more space than simple handwriting.

I’ll share more soon but for now here are a few:





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