Fumbling along, still

July 24, 2012

I’ll have a big photo dump here soon of new directions of things but for now some new stencils, and the new direction for this, besides favoring colored pens over colored pencils, is that I’m turning more toward pop music and pop culture for longer texts that are more suggestive vs. the one-word pieces I started out with.  What’s below is a misheard lyric in the new Blur single (it’s actually “I am going to sing”) and a truncated bit from the Forence + The Machine anthem “Shake It Out.”  And those selections give you probably the wrong idea about what I mostly listen to (instrumental electro) but I’m omnivorous when it comes to pop music so I’ll listen to and steal from anywhere.  More soon, as well as some notes on how not having shows lined up frees you up about print size to the extent that you need a new external hard drive.



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