Bad Handwriting

July 28, 2012

A few of these.  I purposely rush a bit to fudge things but my actual handwriting is not much better than this.  And I will expand on this later but the deal with these vs. the stencils is that in a read of text as image, as public language, the stencils represent interpersonal communication and the handwriting represents public language “used” as thought.  So it’s more of an interior/exterior thing, now, and I choose text accordingly.  And the other kind of public language, mass communication, is taken care of by the Unsolicited Advice signs, and I’m making some new ones of that series too.  All this is time-consuming plus I have a green light on my novel being salesworthy so there’s that, plus my mother’s care, so I’m moving forward on many fronts very slowly.  More of these are done but not in small form yet but I’ll post them soon.








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