July 31, 2012

So I’m accompanying my mother to a lot of medical tests and doctor’s appointments and I have maybe one or two hours here or there to sit and read the book I’m supposed to be reviewing if I could concentrate but I can’t so what I do instead is this: I have a small pad of legal paper and a pen and I sit there thinking of words and phrases both for the current work as well as, now again, text for the slightly older Unsolicited Advice series.  And coming up with words and phrases is a far quicker process than making these into post-photographic pieces of text art, so I have long lists now growing ever longer and less time to make work.   (I also like to think of what it must look like for me to be sitting in a waiting room scribbling on a notepad.)

I did crank out a bunch of the Unsolicited work just to see if working that icky yellow fake incandescence could be done an easier way and the answer is yes but the images look a little washed out.  And all of the old ones have to be redone because I’d made them with gradient fills that presented as rings when printed so I had to go back and blur the fuck out of the backdrop of every letter and start over.  Here are some new ones, though, no particular specific commentary other than I produced nine total new images out of a new list of about 30 phrases deemed worthy, some of which I came up with this morning while my mother had an MRI, and it took maybe an hour to come up with 30 and it takes 30 minutes to produce each piece because the files are so huge.


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