August 22, 2012

So, long story short, I like what all artists like: lots of time to prepare for a show.  And you may think the stuff below here is easy-peasy because it looks so straightforward but it’s the most time-consuming, labor-intensive art I’ve ever made.  And then I find out a few days ago I need to come up with 50 finished pieces by today.  And making these things makes my hand cramp up.  So.

Here are a few new ones, at least I don’t think there are repeats.  I had more than 50 of everything to start with, more like 150, but not the perfect 50, and not finished.  More later of something maybe not related to a flatbed scan, soon, I think.





2 Responses to “Glut”

  1. Nicholas Says:

    That was amazing. Stealing some of that text for sure, and was daydreaming the other day of stenciling “never let me down again”

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