August 28, 2012

After burning myself out making text art of questionable (critical/social) worth it’s back to the library to look at more of other people’s text art in hopes of reinvigorating things.   Meanwhile it’s probably worth noting that offhand, all the “name artists” I can think of who use text as image are men except for Jenny Holzer; with people like Mary Kelly, text is text and you read vs. see it.  I don’t know why the Ruscha/Holzer ratio exists or if it means anything or if I’m missing out on people (I guess someone like Tracey Emin counts but I am not lugging that giant book out of the library again) and conversely I can’t think of many men who use text as text in art outside conceptual artists using it as a support, but the lines between everything I’ve just described are blurry.

I’m completely at a loss for anyone who features text in photography except Ken Lum.  Help me out, leave some suggestions in the comments.  Or the four of you who read this can just email me if you have ideas.

Below, some recent Unsolicited Advice pieces I don’t think I ever posted.  Downer art.




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