Itching and Scratching

August 31, 2012

I’m getting the itch again to go out into the world and take some photos, which is strange coming after not being interested in photography anymore a few months back but typical for me.  I might not be a good photographer, or else I may be a good artist but only an average photographer, but it’s still the language I think in most of the time.  First, though, during some productive insomnia last night I figured out what kinds of text-art drawings to make with the set of pastels I have so there’ll probably be some of that first.

Photographically I want to take pictures of trad. masculine territory: an upscale gentlemen’s club here (the meeting in plush rooms for brandy kind, not the strip club kind), strip clubs, locker rooms, other stuff I’ll have to make a list of.  My camera is a piece of shit but I’ll make do.   The text art is fragments of politically-loaded written backwards (a weird talent I have) amidst color blocks that censor/hide the words literally and in terms of geometric abstraction’s refusal of over politics minus the art world situational kind.  I’m still harboring my Mary Heilmann crush but I’m sort of fussy when it comes to geometry so we’ll see what happens.  I don’t have decent enough light to photograph those so I’ll figure that out later.

Now, a stray stencil piece.  Both the title of a Built to Spill album and of the first art show I ever curated/took part in back in 2002.  30×45″.


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