Try Everything

October 29, 2012

I was recently asked why I make so much work relative to other artists, not that I’m flooding the market but that I’m stockpiling a lot of projects, and my answer was just that I wanted to try everything.  As I write this, I’m exhausted and I’ve had a shitty day but I still dug up some stuff I tried in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, and I guess if I have a talent it isn’t for making the perfect image but for a very fast-paced methodical working-through of possibilities.  Some projects, like the stencils, are monolithic, but I always had new phrases and pens and coloring methods to test.  I wouldn’t say that I’m detached and mechanical, more that I’m skilled at imagining X variants on a certain act or shoot and I want to try them all to see which ones pull me in.  The following two images come from this pursuit, and they pull me in right now as I write this because they’re hard to figure out and because they suggest the possibility of invigoration and joy.  Not very conceptual but not everything is.



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