December 3, 2012

So apparently the unchallenging colored lights photos I’m making are incredibly heady and challenging.  To whom I’m not certain.  But look at the refinements of earlier images I posted below and tell me seriously w/r/t/ most of my work does this look hard to sell?  This is why I need to get out of Milwaukee and go—actually there’s nowhere I can go I can afford because I need to go to LA but there aren’t any/enough jobs.  I’m still planning to do it anyway because I can’t just turn into dust and blow away in Milwaukee but I don’t have a safety net, as usual.  I just have this fear that if I stay in Milwaukee I’ll drop dead from a coronary in five years because it’s like constant suffocation.

Finally went out and strolled a bit with the new camera; I’ll post some of that soon but for now I’m still spending about two hours each refining these so they really pop and hit even more than just out of the box, so to speak.

pdf IMG_5294a


pdf IMG_5258a 20x30


pdf IMG_5201a


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