Years, Goalposts, Continuance

December 31, 2012

A few posts ago I passed the 500-post mark.  And considering I started the blog in late 2007, that means about 100 posts per year, or a post every three to four days.  This leaves me wondering where I’m at.  Most of the people who read this blog are a small group of friends or else people who find it based on certain search terms I’m not going to retype here.  I dreamt that I applied for the Whitney Independent Study program last night and that’s unlikely but leaves me wondering where to go, why I should keep going, why not, and whether I should expand my scope beyond this being a tumblr with some mumbling.

Anyway, happy new year.  My year off.  Here’s hoping the next year won’t be the shitfest the current one has been.

pdf IMG_0502a


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