Did I Mention More?

January 20, 2013

I shot 1021 photos today.  900 at a skating/hockey/speed skating national center and 121 at a yuppie enclave with a big wooden bridge over the Milwaukee river and some nice views.  What I learned is that 1) speed skaters go really fucking fast; 2) I don’t have the proper gear for sports photography; 3) teenage girls’ hockey is kind of mesmerizing if you see it live; and 3) you can fry yourself out by frantically trying to force your camera to do impossible things in dim light such that your brain and your “eye” for photos ends up getting exhausted and you flub shots.  I’ll post some photos soon, but right now the idea of looking at them makes me nauseous.  Photographing empty industrial expanses on overcast days was a much better fit.


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