Chutney Challenged and shenanigans

March 26, 2013

So, two things:

1) I’ve added Chutney Challenged to my blogroll and strongly encourage you to check it out if you’re at all interested in South Asian food and the art and labor that goes into it.  It’s my friend Angela’s blog, and Angela knows what she’s doing when it comes to this stuff, so read her blog for a bit and you too will be able to whip up some channa masala in the approximately 16 hours it takes to make it.  (Easy but long soak/cook time.)

2) There’s been a dearth of photos here lately, not that I haven’t been shooting, but that a lot of that shooting has been of an adult kind of nature I would never post here, not because there’s nudity or anything but because you would still probably gasp.  I also did a whole project with a giant dirty mattress I’ll start working on soon, and I’m getting arrested tomorrow again so I’ll have images from that, but for now head over to Chutney Challenged and stay tuned for more Next Big Thing interviews, including mine.


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