Re: the lack of posts here

April 23, 2013

I really need to get back to doing this kind of thing, it’s just that all of the work I’ve been doing lately is not postable, and by not postable I mean “adult shenanigans” and a lot of work went into them but they’re targeted at a very specific audience, not just anyone who randomly wanders in here.   I did have myself arrested on Sunday, which I guess is the most normal set of photos I’ve shot recently, and I’ll post some of those once I have the chance to sort them.  For now, here’s one, plus some fun facts:

1) The backseats of cop cars are really cramped. 2) Handcuffs will leave marks on your wrists for hours if you’ve been sitting in the back of a cop car for even a short while.  3) The state of Wisconsin no longer allows those height level bars in mugshots because they were ruled discriminatory.  4) Getting patted down is a lot more gentle than you would think, though maybe it was just me.  5) Next time I persuade some cops to arrest me I’m wearing a hat because my baldness looks like it radiates light, practically. 6) Cops will lean you over when cuffing and uncuffing you because when you lean your arms naturally spread, making things easier to reach, plus it puts you off balance in case you try to make a run for it.

pdf 13 04 21_Arrest_5703



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