Minor League

May 20, 2013

I just bought and subsequently immediately returned a camera bag that could carry my camera and all three lenses partly because the bag was way too big but mostly because I thought: “I don’t need or deserve this.”  I’ve sold five photos since graduating from school in 2008; if I could justify it as a business expense maybe but I’m not sure I could really call myself a working artist.  Even my output has nosedived since my mother’s death, hence the dearth of posts here.  I’m trying to decide whether or not to raise money for a trip back to the antique mall to just photograph the shit out of the place, but that’s maybe $400 if you include gas, tolls, and two nights in a motel, and who am I going to sell these photos to?

My other options, heading to the mideast simulation in Germany this November and taking a lot of photos down the west coast during a book tour are financially out of reach even if I got the ok to do either.  And my performance/site-specific piece project is a total bust since I can’t find people to help out and the cop stuff didn’t really turn out either and I feel weird about asking again.

So I’m down to the minimum of trying to do two or three photo series a year with a minimum of cost, and so far that means portraits of bicyclists ,  portraits of bears (the gay kind not the real kind), and this antique mall.  And learning to paint.  Some bicyclists coming up but this isn’t stuff I imagine anyone would be clamoring to see.  Part of the problem is that I’m basically a documentary photographer but most documentary photographers work at jobs that enable them to do such, while I am a shlub in Milwaukee with a mid-range camera and no operating money.  I’m not complaining, because I am spending money on other things I want to do (like swimming lessons) but I wonder how much money I should invest in something that’s gradually transforming from a professional practice into a hobby.  Images soon.


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