June 26, 2013

And I have nothing to report.  Except that I have been insanely busy in unpredictable and often expensive ways, and life doesn’t look like it’s settling down any time soon or that I’ll have any work to post except some cyclist photos and maybe eventually new headwraps and stencil fun if my life can calm down for five minutes, which it cannot.  And here I used to wonder what it would be like to never have any free time when all I had was free time, and it turns out it would be manageable if I knew what I were doing tonight or tomorrow or the next day etc. but I don’t.

I have also learned that I am not any good at 1) kayaking or 2) painting.  I have neither the patience nor skill for painting, not to mention the huge upfront financial investment, but I’m still doing it anyway because I sort of have to (long story).   I am taking expensive classes in kayaking though so chance for improvement there.  I’m also trying out bicycling and swimming so we’ll see if I get hit by a car or drown or what.

And I am doing two performances in July, which is something at least.

Outside world: good news about gay marriage but sort of like somebody else’s good news because I have neither the inclination (sort of) nor ability to marry anybody.

Pictures soon?  Updates soon?  Your guess is as good as mine.


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