Nicholas Grider presents: Stanley McKinley 1992-2008, a Retrospective

October 10, 2013

So last month I wrote a novel.  And in the writing of that novel I decided to turn the main character from a failed painter into a guy with a secret, successful art career as a painter and photographer.  So I’m going through my hard drives for photos that would work, and in the meantime have been painting “his” paintings, which appear in the book, and I should have some done tomorrow.  But currently I have some random ephemera for you; a glimpse, b/w and color, into poor Stanley’s brain; one of the b/w images here will probably get inserted into the novel at the appropriate place and then later get cut by an editor if the book sells but here it is.  Also there’s the painting of the MINDCOM logo, which shows up in giant form in Stanley’s apartment one day as a “clue” and when he asks his fridge about it, discovers he painted it himself.  His fridge tells him it thinks he did a very good job.  It’s that kind of book.  I am also working on art projects, but more of that later.  Anyway:

pdf MINDCOM_IMG_4275


pdf MINDCOM_IMG_4285


pdf IMG_4125


pdf MindcomIMG_4132


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