Well uh so yeah, um.

February 14, 2014

I was going to turn this into more of an essayistic and literary endeavor because the two or three people aware that this blog exists might be interested in that because I have a book coming out, but life happens and I get busy with obligations I fool myself into thinking I can tackle and I don’t actually have much to say other than the book is experimental short fiction and features a lot of gay men getting tied up in a lot of ways (and other stuff) but that was a unifying device and not a lit-porn deal because I don’t really do the whole “write what you know” thing because unless your life is really interesting or you’re really funny and you can cough up a memoir the results are pretty hideous.  And the novel and book of poems I’m trying to get published soonish are sort of gay but also sort of autistic/Yiddish/weird in new ways because even though I am autistic it’s hard to find ways of writing about it that don’t fall flat (though I do recommend Daniel Tammet’s books) and the Jewish stuff is because I’m converting to Judaism, which actually is an interesting story but not one I can share (yet).

Plus I’m starting to generate photo-related images again, refreshed after spending almost six months just painting, so I have a bunch of that stuff to post, like the stuff below, and other stuff I have to work on, some of it in the Photoshop stage and some needing to be shot/scanned/etc. so I am going to try to post stuff here but it’s going to be a jumble of images and bits of chest-thumping and probably some short book reviews of not-necessarily-new books.  I am hoping to do this several times a week, but we’ll see how that goes.  Anyway, I’m off to try to translate some transliterated Yiddish back into written Yiddish for a photo project but here are some washed out Banana Republic models, about which more later.


pdf model 05a pdf model 07x pdf model 04 mix


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