Disco Hospital

February 25, 2014

So I’m thinking over sending in a proposal to the 33 1/3 series to cover Coil’s 1991 album Love’s Secret Domain, but the main problems with that are 1) I am not really a good journalist, and 2) I have not actually read any 33 1/3 books (yet) and 3) Nobody has ever heard of that album.  I have the whole Coil discography, minus the ANS Coil album; more and more often when making artistic or writerly decisions I ask myself: What would Coil do?  What they mainly did was take tons of drugs and write gay sex magick songs in a range of styles that mainly made people really uncomfortable.  And I don’t necessarily set out to make people uncomfortable but it definitely almost always happens.  For a day or two, this week, I thought this was a bad thing.  Then I got over myself and decided to write an Upper-Middle Class Family Drama novel to see what happens, and what’s coming out is that a straight guy takes his girlfriend’s straight younger brother shopping for suits at Milwaukee’s high-end mall, the bicker, hijinks ensue, and you know from scene one that one of them will die in a car accident but you don’t know who or when.  I call it my “breeder” novel but that’s not really very nice of me.

Anyway.  I named this series Disco Hospital after the Coil song of the same name.  I have never taken drugs, not even pot or ecstasy or whatever, because: why?  But I guess here are some photos to take drugs to while you look at them.  What drugs, I’m not sure.  They’re low-res but they’re 4×6 feet.  Enjoy.

pdf Disco Hospital 10


pdf Disco Hospital 11


pdf Disco Hospital 07




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