Update and Dump

March 7, 2014

So the book is out, and I had another even weirder book come out, and I have a novel and poetry book to hustle, but my brain is mostly on images right now; abstract images, that is, and also trying to figure out a way to get into medical school.  Med school seems like the sharp left turn that it sort of is but my soundbite is: I spent the first half of my life figuring myself out and want to spend the second half helping other people like I helped my mom when she was sick.  Not this will stop the writing or art (or music) but I’ll just only be producing at twice the rate of normal artists and writers instead of five times the rate.  Easy peasy.

And expect some posts coming up this weekend that contain actual content but until then I’ve been messing around with dollar store stuff in Photoshop again, and here’s one alley I stumbled down:

pdf paisley 01


pdf paisley 02


pdf paisley 05



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