There’s (a lot) more where that came from.

March 10, 2014

I should be reading some books right now but I’m kind of avoiding it because of the bulk: there are eight books stacked on my desk, some of which are 700 pages long, and there are two pdfs on my desktop, and thirteen more books sitting on the couch to my right, one on my kitchen table, and about thirty, maybe more, occupying the entirety of an armchair behind me.  And 95% of these books are library books.  This doesn’t even count the maybe 25 books I’ve bought in the last four years and have not yet read.  So “where do I start?” begets avoidance.  Instead I clean and get frustrated with Hebrew stencils and make art.  Here’s some art, and even that was a rush job: from snapshots to twelve finished images, some of which are below: about 90 minutes.  And speaking of 90 minutes, 90 minutes ago is when I should’ve cooked and eaten dinner, so maybe that’s my next stop.

pdf IMG_6163a

pdf IMG_6164a

pdf IMG_6167a

pdf IMG_6161a


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