Uh, so yeah.

March 29, 2014

I have about four essays half-finished for a new mag I write for; all are probably unpublishable.  I sat down and wrote a story in 80 minutes last week, revised it, it’s done.  I started another story and have a bunch outlined or half-done and that’s on the table but the deal is: I’m applying to med school.  So what that means right now is that I’m embarking on a year-long journey to memorize the MCAT test materials and situations, I’m taking probably five semesters of college classes, I’m “shadowing” at least one, probably three physicians at work, and I’m doing the delicate dance of how-do-I-afford-this-I can’t-afford-this-maybe-uh-I-don’t-know.

So I’m not being very productive or getting any reading done, and I’m too exhausted to have anything interesting to say, but I’m cranking out a lot of new “photo” work, much of which is early video game meets clown act meets let’s see if I can get away with this.  I’ll post a bunch soon but here now just more images, here from a series called Reverb mining my archives of old stuff.

pdf Reverb 06


pdf Reverb 08


pdf Reverb 09


pdf Reverb 10



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