Even less of an update

August 2, 2014

Okay I have no idea if people even actually find this or read any of it or anything but uh um yeah: do NOT ever take a summer college science course.  Especially if you are a perfectionist.  It came in handy because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to cover the cost of my car repairs but Chem 102 just makes me shake with fierce loathing because I’m only getting a B+ instead of an A.  Yeah.

Got my most favorite story published by The Fanzine.  Very thankful to them for that.  Conjunctions tweeted about it.  (About the story, not about me being grateful.)

Also there’s this, how I’ve spent almost a year in the conversion process and it’s been this tremendously wonderful thing for me health-wise and having-a-future-wise and financial-independence-wise and Judaism for me has nothing at all to do with Zionism but now my casual acquaintances all think I’m a fascist colonialist (I’m not, I don’t condone any of that, I condemn it) but also oh wait now that I can convert the head rabbi decided he hates me because I’m kind of weird and intense and I’m poor and don’t have a family so my conversion got put on hold.  As a pre-med student you can declare whatever major you want, so I’m planning to pick up a Hebrew Studies BA because that’s how invested I am but explaining to my profs and classmates “no I’m not actually Jewish, I only got about 80% there” might be awkward.  I could try another synagogue but they’re just gonna ask so what went wrong at the first synagogue?  And I’ll have to explain I’m weird and intense.

I’m still trying to learn all the prayers I’m supposed to learn, but nobody bothered to tell me which ones, all I know is that I have no idea what I’m saying because they’re all in Hebrew.  I have discovered I’m a decent singer, though, wide vocal range and good control of vibrato; I want to approach my chem professor and ask her if I can maybe sing to her in Hebrew or give her evidence of my hatafat dan (you don’t want to know) for extra credit but guess what: she thinks I’m kind of weird and intense.  She’s right.

Also my copy of Photoshop fell out of my computer and broke so here’s all I have for images right now.  Also apparently according to the experts abstract photography is not cool, it’s lame, but I sorta feel about the art world like an OG vampire feels about sunlight so no big.  Images below are 6×6′ and 4×6′ respectively so lean in real close to get an approx. sense of scale.




pdf pur2A


pdf IMG_7045a




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