Roaring back into something resembling life

February 19, 2015

So folks part of being a college student (yet again) is that I’m dirt poor (as always) so I had to let go of my official art site but it was bloated anyway and needs an overhaul when I have New Better Work for it, and I do, some of it at least, but the deal is this: I went back to school for pre-med certification (I’ll be applying to med schools next spring/summer) which is an intense thing, but the deal with not having much time to make art is I found new focus and intelligence about making it, both photos and paintings, so my art actually improved (though you can be the judge).

Just for today, a few things: new paintings.  The case with these is that they work from the outside in vs. the normal way so what looks like chaos in the middle is actually simple inexorable logic plus a little geometry.  Not the only thing I’m doing, but I tried figurative painting and that stuff looks like I’m an eight year old, legally blind impressionist, so this abstract stuff works out better for everyone involved.

I also got a lot better at writing at about the same time, and I don’t know if people actually read/keep blogs anymore when you can just go get hit in the face by Facebook’s endless hammering but, you know, whatever.

Also I chilled out for the first time in my life and converted to Judaism and wrote a good novel and maybe got an agent and am writing an epic poem that’s 293 pages so far so it’s unpublishable, but if you like epic poems about Jewish mysticism and you’re a publisher, get in touch. 🙂

pdf IMG_1543a

pdf IMG_3258a

pdf IMG_4535a


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