Uh, hi.  Nicholas here.  This started off as a blog to keep my mentors at grad art school (yeah, I know) up to date on my thesis, as both were/are on leave during my actual thesis project.

That didn’t really work out, so it became more of a forum for me to post what I’m working on, whine, and create a large blogroll you should check out.

About me: there’s not much to say.  I’m 34.  I’m from Milwaukee.  I’m going bald.  Um.  Right now I more or less live in Milwaukee but for one reason or another I’m hoping the next ten years will consist of a lot of national or international skipping around, so I guess that’s another reason to keep this thing running, more or less.

If you’d like to see more of my work, visit www.nicholasgrider.com.  What’s there is more “finished” stuff and what’s posted here tends to be newer and more trial and error.  And, I hope, eventually, there’ll be less navel-gazing and more external-type stuff.  I have a hard time not gazing at my navel, though.


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