So folks part of being a college student (yet again) is that I’m dirt poor (as always) so I had to let go of my official art site but it was bloated anyway and needs an overhaul when I have New Better Work for it, and I do, some of it at least, but the deal is this: I went back to school for pre-med certification (I’ll be applying to med schools next spring/summer) which is an intense thing, but the deal with not having much time to make art is I found new focus and intelligence about making it, both photos and paintings, so my art actually improved (though you can be the judge).

Just for today, a few things: new paintings.  The case with these is that they work from the outside in vs. the normal way so what looks like chaos in the middle is actually simple inexorable logic plus a little geometry.  Not the only thing I’m doing, but I tried figurative painting and that stuff looks like I’m an eight year old, legally blind impressionist, so this abstract stuff works out better for everyone involved.

I also got a lot better at writing at about the same time, and I don’t know if people actually read/keep blogs anymore when you can just go get hit in the face by Facebook’s endless hammering but, you know, whatever.

Also I chilled out for the first time in my life and converted to Judaism and wrote a good novel and maybe got an agent and am writing an epic poem that’s 293 pages so far so it’s unpublishable, but if you like epic poems about Jewish mysticism and you’re a publisher, get in touch. 🙂

pdf IMG_1543a

pdf IMG_3258a

pdf IMG_4535a


Even less of an update

August 2, 2014

Okay I have no idea if people even actually find this or read any of it or anything but uh um yeah: do NOT ever take a summer college science course.  Especially if you are a perfectionist.  It came in handy because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to cover the cost of my car repairs but Chem 102 just makes me shake with fierce loathing because I’m only getting a B+ instead of an A.  Yeah.

Got my most favorite story published by The Fanzine.  Very thankful to them for that.  Conjunctions tweeted about it.  (About the story, not about me being grateful.)

Also there’s this, how I’ve spent almost a year in the conversion process and it’s been this tremendously wonderful thing for me health-wise and having-a-future-wise and financial-independence-wise and Judaism for me has nothing at all to do with Zionism but now my casual acquaintances all think I’m a fascist colonialist (I’m not, I don’t condone any of that, I condemn it) but also oh wait now that I can convert the head rabbi decided he hates me because I’m kind of weird and intense and I’m poor and don’t have a family so my conversion got put on hold.  As a pre-med student you can declare whatever major you want, so I’m planning to pick up a Hebrew Studies BA because that’s how invested I am but explaining to my profs and classmates “no I’m not actually Jewish, I only got about 80% there” might be awkward.  I could try another synagogue but they’re just gonna ask so what went wrong at the first synagogue?  And I’ll have to explain I’m weird and intense.

I’m still trying to learn all the prayers I’m supposed to learn, but nobody bothered to tell me which ones, all I know is that I have no idea what I’m saying because they’re all in Hebrew.  I have discovered I’m a decent singer, though, wide vocal range and good control of vibrato; I want to approach my chem professor and ask her if I can maybe sing to her in Hebrew or give her evidence of my hatafat dan (you don’t want to know) for extra credit but guess what: she thinks I’m kind of weird and intense.  She’s right.

Also my copy of Photoshop fell out of my computer and broke so here’s all I have for images right now.  Also apparently according to the experts abstract photography is not cool, it’s lame, but I sorta feel about the art world like an OG vampire feels about sunlight so no big.  Images below are 6×6′ and 4×6′ respectively so lean in real close to get an approx. sense of scale.




pdf pur2A


pdf IMG_7045a



Not much of an update

May 17, 2014

Working on a few new photo things and a few paintings when I have time, working on fixing a novel and some new poems when I have time, mainly am busy 1) with pre-med classes, 2) with “shadowing” doctors, 3) with volunteering (soon), and 4) with converting to Judaism (by the end of summer).  Those things all take quite a bit of time, so not much to see here, except a photo from a new series (information storage) and a link to a nice review of my book, which is now available from the publisher, from Spdbooks, and from Amazon.

entropy IMG_7268a

Uh, so yeah.

March 29, 2014

I have about four essays half-finished for a new mag I write for; all are probably unpublishable.  I sat down and wrote a story in 80 minutes last week, revised it, it’s done.  I started another story and have a bunch outlined or half-done and that’s on the table but the deal is: I’m applying to med school.  So what that means right now is that I’m embarking on a year-long journey to memorize the MCAT test materials and situations, I’m taking probably five semesters of college classes, I’m “shadowing” at least one, probably three physicians at work, and I’m doing the delicate dance of how-do-I-afford-this-I can’t-afford-this-maybe-uh-I-don’t-know.

So I’m not being very productive or getting any reading done, and I’m too exhausted to have anything interesting to say, but I’m cranking out a lot of new “photo” work, much of which is early video game meets clown act meets let’s see if I can get away with this.  I’ll post a bunch soon but here now just more images, here from a series called Reverb mining my archives of old stuff.

pdf Reverb 06


pdf Reverb 08


pdf Reverb 09


pdf Reverb 10



March 21, 2014

So here’s an alternate approach to the series below.  More later.

pdf IMG_6161b


pdf IMG_6163b


pdf IMG_6164b


pdf IMG_6157b



I should be reading some books right now but I’m kind of avoiding it because of the bulk: there are eight books stacked on my desk, some of which are 700 pages long, and there are two pdfs on my desktop, and thirteen more books sitting on the couch to my right, one on my kitchen table, and about thirty, maybe more, occupying the entirety of an armchair behind me.  And 95% of these books are library books.  This doesn’t even count the maybe 25 books I’ve bought in the last four years and have not yet read.  So “where do I start?” begets avoidance.  Instead I clean and get frustrated with Hebrew stencils and make art.  Here’s some art, and even that was a rush job: from snapshots to twelve finished images, some of which are below: about 90 minutes.  And speaking of 90 minutes, 90 minutes ago is when I should’ve cooked and eaten dinner, so maybe that’s my next stop.

pdf IMG_6163a

pdf IMG_6164a

pdf IMG_6167a

pdf IMG_6161a

Update and Dump

March 7, 2014

So the book is out, and I had another even weirder book come out, and I have a novel and poetry book to hustle, but my brain is mostly on images right now; abstract images, that is, and also trying to figure out a way to get into medical school.  Med school seems like the sharp left turn that it sort of is but my soundbite is: I spent the first half of my life figuring myself out and want to spend the second half helping other people like I helped my mom when she was sick.  Not this will stop the writing or art (or music) but I’ll just only be producing at twice the rate of normal artists and writers instead of five times the rate.  Easy peasy.

And expect some posts coming up this weekend that contain actual content but until then I’ve been messing around with dollar store stuff in Photoshop again, and here’s one alley I stumbled down:

pdf paisley 01


pdf paisley 02


pdf paisley 05